Bigger Vape Clouds: How to Get Massive Clouds of Vapor from Your Vape

Did you know that almost 1 in 20 adults in the U.S. now vape? Do you currently vape, and you're looking to get bigger vape clouds? 

In this article, you'll learn the tips and tricks for getting your desired vape clouds. Read on to discover how to get massive clouds from vaping you've always dreamed of producing. 

1. the Right Vape Tank

The right vape tank is important not just for how long you can vape, but also the amount of clouds you can blow. You'll want a tank that can hold more e-juice since that increases your ability to blow bigger clouds. 

If you decide on sub-ohm vaping(which is vaping below 1ohm), choose a tank that's glass or Pyrex. They can handle extreme heat better than plastic and are durable. 

2. Use the Right E-Juice

The e-juice you use will influence the size of the clouds you produce. E-liquid contains 2 components which are PG and VG. Many e-juices are blended with the 2 combined. If you're looking for the biggest vape clouds, opt for an e-juice that's high in VG. 

3. Set Airflow Settings for the Biggest Vape Clouds

When you have more airflow that means you'll have more vapor and cooling. The more air that travels over your coil, the lower you'll be able to keep the temperature. You'll want the temperature low enough so you don't burn the wick. 

It also encourages condensation for turning the vapor into a cloud. You'll want the air moving rapidly across the coil since it has the old vapor being replaced by new vapor. When the airflow cools down, the vapor causes it to condense into liquid droplets. 

You can easily find devices that allow you to adjust the airflow.

4. Adjust Power Settings 

More power generates big vape clouds. You'll want to aim for at least 60 W since that'll produce bigger clouds than 30 W. When you increase the power through your coil(within your tank), you're also increasing the heat generated. 

You'll also want to choose a coil with lower resistance than one ohm. When you do this then more power is able to pass through your circuit, vaporizing liquid at a faster rate. 

5. the Right Batteries

Vaping uses a lot of battery power. It's important to find the right batteries to power your setup. If you take bigger hits you'll want higher-quality batteries that can last longer. 

If you go with a regulated box mod, that can offer variable wattage and voltage in order to have a range of settings. You can use a fixed voltage as well but variable wattages are usually preferred. 

The more you can adjust the power on your battery, you can tune the battery to your air resistance and tank to reach the perfect vaping spot. It's recommended to choose variable wattage since it adjusts the voltage input automatically to the temperature it's at. 

Finding the Right Spot with Variable Wattage

To find the perfect vape spot for clouds in variable wattage:

1. Take a few drags on the device.

2. Start on max airflow setting and low wattage.

3. If the vape isn't that hot and you don't get dry puffs, increase the wattage and try the first 2 steps.

4. When the vapor gets too hot or you have dry puffs make sure to put the wattage back to the last setting.

Make sure to always increase the wattage slowly and start off low. If you start off too hot you'll burn the wick which gives a burnt taste. Once this occurs, you'll have to replace the coil to fix the taste. 

6. Coil Resistance

The resistance of your coil will be a factor in the amount of vapor produced. When you have a lower resistance coil it's easier to obtain higher temperatures. When you reach higher temperatures this will lead to producing vapor quicker. 

Certain wire types also heat quicker than others. Normally the rule is the bigger the wire, the longer it is for it to heat it up. As long as your tank can keep up with the wick demands for high-wattage vaping, you can still get great vape production with higher-ohm coils as well. 

How to Get Bigger Vape Clouds

Did you know that vaping is considered 95% safer than cigarettes? That's a reason to celebrate by producing bigger clouds. When you're aiming for bigger vape clouds, it's not all about the device, you'll want to consider your technique as well. You'll want to have the right combination of exhaling, inhaling, and body posture. 

Make sure to first empty your lungs completely by exhaling. Next, you'll want to lean forward and exhale again. Blow remaining air into your device without inhaling, and you should see vapor escape the air vents.

Next, you'll want to inhale as hard and as long as you can. Inhaling hard enough is important because you need enough airflow to cool the coil. Just using the proper device won't be enough. If you don't inhale hard enough, the coil will heat up to an uncomfortable temperature.

Make sure to straighten your back to open your lungs. Now exhale steadily while pushing your jaw out. When you're almost out of air, tighten your lips. This will cause a powerful shot of air to release vapor to become a massive cloud. 

Next Steps

Working on producing bigger vape clouds takes time, technique, and the right equipment, but before you know it you'll be producing massive clouds. Are you ready to get started producing bigger clouds? Check out our starter kits today.