Vaping. The era of technology is here, why would the smoking crowd stay behind, right? For those who enjoy connecting with the gods, there is nothing like a good puff.

Since man discovered tobacco and its effects on clarity, smokers keep evolving their connection to nicotine looking for the cleanest healthiest way to smoke and make it a beneficial experience also for those around them.

For those exploring the world of vaping, you may have heard about salt nicotine and wondered what it's all about. Read on for more information to help you get started. 

What is Salt Nicotine?

 The e-cigarette has been pretty trendy in the young college-age generation, or at least it seems like everywhere you go you find a smart educated hipster smoking an e-cigarette, right?

Vaping is trendy, and today all that is trendy must be bioavailable. This means the more natural the nicotine salts, the closer the experience to the natural high that the tobacco leaf gives, without having to intake the actual tobacco.

This gives stability to some, for sure. A good smoker wants to avoid the throat-hit, and keep dosage healthy. After all, nicotine is an addictive chemical, no matter how natural, and the last thing you want is to get addicted. 

Hence, the Nic salts vs the e-liquids.

What to Look for in Salt Nicotine

As far as flavor, less is more, you want less PG chemical taste, and more natural more balanced PH and alkalinity tobacco flavor, helping you smoke less vapor and feeling a smoother hit when you smoke, and still giving you the nicotine fix that gives you the feeling you are looking for.

 It is all about how you feel, and honoring your sensations. Smoking, like everything else, requires your presence and attention, so you can choose wisely when, why, and how much, is good smoking, and good smoking means healthy smoking, right?

Nicotine salts are a natural happening in Tobacco leaves, so why don’t you learn all you can learn about nic salts so you can understand how the vapers are using it.

Was your whole idea of vaping to avoid smoking tobacco? If so, why is that? If your reason is that you were avoiding the health repercussions caused by the chemical additives inserted in cigarettes to being with, a more natural composition than the freebased nicotine, might be a good reason for you to choose nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts happen naturally when nicotine binds to tobacco leaves. This is why many vapors prefer it over the more chemical-laden alternative. 

When considering Nicotine Salts think about availability, range of flavors, and compatibility.

What Vapers Want You to Know

First, decide why you prefer Nicotine Salts over the more chemical options, then ask if your local store makes refills available, stick with a flavor that you like, because opposing to the standard e-liquids used in the vaping industry, nicotine Salts are the new thing, so there may not be as many flavors.

Then make sure you own a vaper that is compatible with nicotine salts.

Many vape fans also find that you will feel satisfied for longer, this means…less vaping. 

If you are the type that enjoy history as a validation of the present, you will be glad to hear that the practice to vape dry herbs is an ancient one, people use to gather around hot rocks and through herbs on it just to inhale their vapor.

The only difference perhaps with modern vaping might be that now you are e-trendy. 

For those who are looking to better understand what that means, let’s go back to the basics: Vaping is done with an electric device that smokes the herb into vapor – sometimes is not herb, but e-liquid or a concentrate chemical version of nicotine.

Additional Benefits

As anything electric, you are packed with a vaping device, cartridges, atomizers, cartomizers, and batteries; all this turns the herb, e-liquid, or concentrate, into the vapor that you inhale.

Aromatic smoke makes part of the experience, it does smell much better according to many and is fast to dissolve in the air, which is kind of nice for those who are around you, so it makes it socially friendly.  

For some reason, people have accepted vaping more than they do real tobacco. Maybe the reason is virtual…right? But mainly it's that only smokers like tobacco smell, so vaping can be viewed as more considerate to others.

While vape pens continue to change as time goes on, nicotine salts continue to be a safer alternative for those looking to enjoy the same flavor with milder effects. 

Factor in its convenience, portability and how discreet it is to use and it's easy to see why so many have made the switch from traditional cigarettes.

Portability and style are important to consider, along with additional flavors that can make your vape experience more enjoyable. 

Finding the Right Vape Products for You

Whether you're new to vaping or simply want to explore salt nicotine for yourself, the quality of your products can make or break your experience. 

This is why it's wise to only shop with a premium retailer that you can trust to bring high-end products to your doorstep. The good news is, if you're reading this, you've already found it.

Check out our vast product selection for more options and to find the right vape selection for your taste.