Utah’s Step Forward.

Utah’s Department of Health (UDOH) attempt to utilize an emergency rule to ban flavored e-liquids, except for specialty shops, has been temporarily overturned! A final judge ruling will occur this Friday.

This takes place as several vape shops have come together to file a suit against the UDOH stating that no substantial evidence on which the ban is founded on.  UDOH claims that exposure to vaping or vape related products can lead to severe lung illnesses. Representatives of the city have claimed that 84% of vape juice contains illegal drugs. According to Rep. Paul Ray in an unofficial report, “Out of the 12 bottles, 10 tested positive for opioids, PCP, barbiturates, and THC. Roughly 84% of the product tested, tested positive for an illegal drug.”

The ban was first proposed as recent illnesses linked to unregulated THC cartridges started occurring. UDOH reports there has been 1 vape-related death in which it was concluded that THC, and not nicotine, was the main cause of the illness. UDOH reports that 89% of vape related issues have been attributed to THC related products. Additionally, states that the median age of those affected is 26 years old with zero percent of nicotine samples containing Vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E Acetate is thought to be the leading component of the health-related problems. For more information on the UDOH’s report please visit https://health.utah.gov/lung-disease-investigation/lung-injury-outbreak-data

A temporary restraining order has been issued from implementing any enforcement of the flavored Electronic-cigarette ban. Hearings are scheduled to continue on October 31st and concluded on November 1st.