Lion Heart Vapor Wukong Mech Mod



The Wukong Mech Mod is brought to by a collaboration between Bruce Pro Innovations, Lion Heart Vapor, and Asher Dynamics. It’s design comes from Chinese folklore and myth, and is also known as the fabled Monkey King. Over the past 3 months Bruce from B.P.I., the team at Lion Heart Vapor, and the Team at Asher Dynamics has been working on this concept to bring you a mech mod unlike any other with an amazing hand-made design. The Wukong mech mod features a rendition of the Monkey King and his trusted staff. And each mod is serialized and comes with its own authenticity certificate.

The Wukong Mech Mod is made from white copper, weighs 195 grams, has a an overall height of 87mm, and has an adapted 25.5mm diameter. The one piece hybrid mech mod is made as a collector’s item, with only 300 pieces currently in existence.


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