Hidden Hills Fresh Frozen Bar 5 Pack THC-A Ultra, D9, THC-B Heady Blend 2g Disposable

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Flavor: Pink Green Crack (Sativa) Heady Blend
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These heady blends by Hidden Hills are newcomers to the high-quality Fresh Frozen product line. These heady blends are a perfect combination of the newly discovered THC-B, THC-A ULTRA, and D9.

• 5 Hidden Hills Fresh Frozen 2g Bars

Is one Button Enough to operate?
Yes, you can handle everything with a single button.

How to know about the power adjustments?

It's simple. Look at the following color settings:

Red Light: 2.8V / 6.3W
Yellow Light: 3.2V / 8.2W
Green Light: 3.5V / 9.8W

What are the new specifications?

There are two new specifications in these heady blends:

  • Improved Ceramic Coil: This will help in faster vaporization and improved airflow. A larger design will prevent clogging and liquid residue buildup while delivering a clean and smooth flavor.
  • New Dual Air Channel Chambers: These heady blends feature dual air chambers. The device includes a primary atomizer chamber and a sensor-actuated chamber that prevents clogging and leaking by liquefying hardened oil and keeping the primary chamber clear.

Is this device rechargeable?

The device has a built-in USB-C port for fast charging.

About available flavors

1. Pink Green Crack | Sativa | Heady Blend
This one is a sativa strain. This smells amazing! It has citrusy, earthy, and sweet scents. It will make you feel happy, focused, creative, and full of energy! It's perfect to use in the daytime because it will give you a big boost.

2. Bloo Dream | Sativa | Heady Blend
This Blue Dream flavor is like a mix of two yummy things: blueberries and Sativa Haze. It combines the relaxing and happy feelings of blueberries with the energetic and creative vibes of Haze. Plus, it has a sweet blueberry taste! It's a great choice if you're looking for a mood boost and feeling creative.

3. Poundtown OG | Indica | Heady Blend
Chill out with this calming Indica strain! It smells like lemons, earth, and pine trees. This bud is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day because it will leave you feeling super mellow and maybe even glued to the couch (in a good way!).

4. The Bubba Man | Hybrid | Heady Blend
This hybrid Bubba Kush strain will take you on a relaxing ride! It smells like coffee, chocolate, and earth with a hint of pine and flowers. This bud is great for chilling out and taking it slow. It will leave you feeling calm and maybe even a little philosophical! Just be sure you have time to unwind because it's extra relaxing.

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