Let Mom Sleep - Pineapple Flavor Sleep Tincture

Flavor: Pineapple
Sale price$30.00


Let Mom Sleep Pineapple Drink Drops

Let Mom Sleep is a promising Women Owned brand with some exciting new products!

These pineapple flavored sleep drops are made to be dropped in your drink of choice.  Grown in CT and infused with 60mg CBD Isolate and 60mg THC, this tincture is sure to let mom chill.


CBD: 60mg
THC: 60mg
Total: 120mg

Size: 1fl oz./30mL, contains below 0.3% THC
Flavor: Pineapple
Ratio: 2mg CBD Isolate, 2mg THC per serving

Dosage Recommendation:
Beginner: 1 drop
Advanced: 2 drops

Medium chained triglycerides (MCT Oil), CBD Isolate, Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC & Natural Flavoring.

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