Let Mom Sleep - Psychedelic Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummy

Flavor: pineapple
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Let Mom Sleep Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummy

Let Mom Sleep is a promising Women Owned brand with some exciting new products!

Embark on a visionary odyssey with Hypno Trip, our legal psychedelic gummies.  Each 500mg piece is a tantalizing tapestry, featuring muscimol, muscarine, and ibotenic acid.  Elevate mom's senses into a kaleidoscopic mushroom masterpiece, where each gummy is a brushstroke in your extraordinary journey.  Grown in CT and infused with natural flavors, these gummies are sure to let mom create a new experience.

Size: 10 Gummies
Flavor: Pineapple or Mixed Berry
Ratio: 500mg 

Organic tapioca syrup, sugar, water, organic fruit pectin, organic citric acid, organic sodium citrate, amanita muscaria mushroom extract, organic coconut oil, organic gum acala, natural flavors, organic juice concentrate, organic food coloring.
Active Ingredients: muscarine, muscimol, ibotenic acid

We suggest familiarizing yourself with our unique psychoactive components and blends before delving into higher levels of intensity.  Start at a relaxed pace and slowly progress towards achieving your desired state of mind.

Consume 1-2 pieces at a time.  It can take up to 1 hour to feel the full effects of an Amanita gummy.
Micro: 1/2-1 gummy
Creative: 2-3 gummies
Shamantic: 4-5 gummies

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