SUNAKIN Sunpipe H20G Water Pipe

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SUNAKIN Sunpipe H20G Water Pipe

Looking for a compact water bubbler used with dry herbal material? Look no further than the Sunakin Sunpipe H20G Water Pipe. Easy to clean and use, this portable device will provide you with strong clouds and full tasting flavor. Just grind your flower, pack the bowl compartment, light it up and enjoy. Make sure to change the water in the tank after each session. Notice: This item is not for use with any type of E-Liquid. 

Looking for Sunpipe H20G Replacement Glass?

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Looking for the Sunpipe H20G Tool Kit?


SUNAKIN Sunpipe H20G Water Pipe Features:
  • Replaceable Glass Water Tank
  • Adjustable .5g to 1g Bowl
  • Bowl is Spring loaded and easy to clean
  • Push button to open top cap
  • Magnetic Cap protects the bowl
  • 1 x Sunakin SunPipe H20G WaterPipe
  • Filling and Cleaning Tools
  • User Manual


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