Trinity Hemp - Twisted Fusions XL Hybrid 2 Gram Disposable Vape - THC-P, Delta 8, CBN

Flavor: Gods Gift
Pack Size: 1
Sale price$32.99


Trinity Hemp's The XL Twisted Fusions Series

Trinity Hemp presents The XL 2 Gram Disposable Vape, an exclusive offering featuring three distinct blends, each boasting 6 unique strains, providing a selection of 18 diverse options for enthusiasts.

Every blend showcases a rare cannabinoid—either THC-P, THC-H, or THC-JD—blended meticulously with Delta-8 and CBD, along with naturally derived live resin terpenes, crafted solely by our in-house experts. This creation caters to the adventurous consumer seeking to delve into individual rare cannabinoids, offering potent flavors and effects without the commitment of larger product lines. Each blend is carefully tailored to accentuate the qualities of its components.

These 2-gram disposable devices come equipped with a rechargeable battery, capable of delivering approximately 600 puffs before needing a recharge. The battery can be easily recharged using any USB-C charger (not included), ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment. Crafted for your satisfaction, designed for your pleasure—quality is never compromised.

The THC-P Line Flavors:

  • Raspberry Kush
  • Sundae Driver
  • Wifi
  • God's Gift
  • Lemonade Kush
  • Orange Creamsicle


  • 2000 ml
  • Delta 8 + CBN + THCP Formula
  • Approx. 600 Puffs per charge
  • USB-C Rechargeable

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